New Royal 60lb Fryer 4 burner...

New Royal 60lb Fryer 4 burner model RFT-60
Beauitfully constructed to withstand high voulume coooking. High quality fryer with stainless steel tank and 3 baskets so you can fry different...

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* Cast Iron Burners ( tube design) engineered for maxumum efficiency.

* Flame stays withing the tube to heat the oil instead of escaping out the flue, wasting energy.

* No additional flue assembly in the field, ready to install.

* Open base construction provides better airflow allowing gas to burn cleaner for better combustion.

* Designed so that baskets of food product sit lower in cooking oil. More product cooked equates to more profit!!

*Tube fired design (RFT Models) has faster recovery for high volume cooking.

* 4 burner each 38,000 BTU with a combined totoal of 152,000 BTU




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